Sunday, September 2, 2007

Illness- My Draft

I have been quite sick the last few weeks, so tonight I will be posting an outline of my blog.

I will have my blog ready in just a few days, but this will have to suffice for now.

I have unfortunately had to abandon Children See Children Do… there was just too much information to convey- and not enough words to do it in.

My Plan:

: Introduce what I will do, where my blog is going. Define attitudes.

Don’t Let Ice Destroy You- Attitude Change Campaign: Describe the attitude change campaign that I will be using as an example. Discuss findings from initial research reports about campaign.

Initial Attitude Disruption: Discuss cognitive dissonance theory and its importance in attitude change. Provide examples from the ICE program.

The Message:
Discuss the next factor of attitude change- the message. Cognitive reponse theory, elaboration likelihood model and the yale model of persuasive communication.
Provide evidence with research studies and examples from Ice campaign

The Individual: Discuss the source- expertise, trustworthiness etc.
Discuss the audience- age, culture, gender, self-esteem etc.

The Techniques: Fear appeals and persuasive techniques including repetition with variation and emotionally loaded words and images.

Conclusion- Final conclusions.

Appendix- I will include the various models I have detailed in my blog.

I am nearlly finished my final draft.

Have all the other attitude changers found just an immense amount of information- and an inability to pack it all into the 1500 word limit??

I have just decided to include the models/theories/techniques that I believe best contribute to the success of attitude change programs.

Good luck to everyone on getting your blogs in on time.... I think there will be a fair amount of caffine consumed tonight by the looks of some blogs. he he......


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