Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why are some people attractive... some preliminary social-psychological theory

Ok... well enough fun with researching the beautiful people. I thought I had better outline my topic, and to the best of my current understanding, the variables that comprise attractiveness.

* Propinquity- Being near someone. Procimity, Familiarity, Availability, Mere Exposure, Expectation of continued interaction.

* Reciprocity- We tend to like those who like us, and dislike those who dislike us. Mimicking

* Similarity- Tend to like others who are similar to us (especially attitudes, values). Matching Hypothesis, Reinforcement Theory.

* Beauty- Symmetry, Typicality, Body Shape, Facial Features, Ethnicity, youth... etc etc

* Balance Theory- people like others who are similar to them because agreement is an affirming
experience involving positive affect.
* Reinforcement Theories- Behaviours that are reinforced tend to be repeated. Tend to be attracted to those who are rewarding.
* Social Exchange Theory- People are motivated to maximise benefits and minimise costs in relationships with others. Rewards eg love, friendship, sex... Costs eg effort, conflice, sacrifice.

There are a lot of social psychological variables to be discussed.
These are some of the main points I will be discussing.

Reference Bushman and Baumeister (2008)
Vaughan and Hogg (2005).

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Michelle said...

Hi Beck, I posted a new posting on my blog re: the Dove campaign for pro-age and not anti-age (refer to my blog). I just wanted to let you know that this campaign was featured on Oprah today and apart from the ladies who were in the campaign the show featured many women who ranged in age from 40 to 70. I thought the 70 year old was 35 she looked amazing and the 40 year old mentioned how she felt more alive and happy with herself now that she was older. Another one was 50+ and said she felt more attractive at 50 then when she was 35. What seemed to be an emerging theme here was that they felt attractive on the inside and that was also felt on the outside. They were all happy with their lives and truly appreciated what they had been given and were using that to the best of their ability. They truly radiated attractiveness and you could see it came from the inside. So I thought I would share this with you on the beauty within that radiates out.