Thursday, September 20, 2007

★☆★ The Dove self-esteem Fund

This is an absolutley awesome video of attractiveness and modeling... take the minute to watch it and let me know what you think.
Its true.... no wonder our perception of attractiveness is distorted in the modern world.


James Neill said...

Fascinating video - we need more like it, exposing our cultural fictions for what they are.

I thought you might be interested in this article:
Move Over Barbie, This Doll Gets Real About Anatomy

Clare said...

Hi Beck,
How are you? Wow I havent seen that video before, must say it actually made me a little sad... I find it so heartbreaking how so many young girls, adolescents and even adult women have so much pressure on them to look "perfect". I love how this video illustrates that even those models we idolise are not really as "perfect" as we see them. I have been so angry about all the Britney Spears stuff going on in the media lately- saying shes "so fat"... when in actual fact she'd be a size 8! Very scary how this will effect the way young girls will think of themselves. If they are constanly being told a size 8 is FAT!
Good luck with your blog!

Bec said...

hey Beck,
Your right that video is awesome. Its pretty scary how much they changed her. Would be good to see a before and after shot, side by side to compare. She was just an average looking woman to start off with, the makeup really changed her, but the photoshopping had a huge impact.

Michelle said...

Hi Beck,
That was amazing! what a total transformation, as James said today in our lecture 'the image resembled a cartoon character' and I agree. As I said to you today Beck, I enjoy looking at the magazine articles with the celebrities photographed without make up as it gives you an insight into what they really look like and that is just normal human beings. They have bad hair days like the rest of us, they have imperfections like the rest of us (or perceived flaws). I agree with Clares comments about the medias portrayal of Britneys size. I honestly think her body shape looks great. It looks real! We were talking today in our tute group in social psych about Scarlett Johanssen and her body shape and how she epitomises the womanly body shape. She looks real and that's what most women associate with. Bring on the curves I say. Thanks for sharing cheers Michelle