Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Beautiful People.... Just to get you thinking

I have chosen to do the Attractiveness question for my blog 2.
The question is "[Attractiveness] Why are some people attractive? Discuss in relation to social psychological theories and research. "

I have chosen this question because attractiveness is always something that has fascinated the superficial part of me.... I constantly find myself asking "Do you think that girl is hot?" or "What would you rate that guy out of 10".... and it is a topic I think we are all driven by at some time or another.
Research has shown that attractive people are more likely to get a job, to be treated more fairly or to be given more money.
Below are some photos of people who were ranked in the 'people' magazine most beautiful people 2006/2007.... hopefully by the end of this semester I will be able to tell you all why these celeb's make that list. xx


Mike said...

hey beck, intersesting topic! Just out of interest will your blog include things like clothes, makeup, jewellry etc? or is it purely physical characteristics?

That prisonbreak guy looks a bit possessed in that photo haha

Mrs. Freud said...

Hi Beck, you can find my reply at:

beck1411 said...

I love this topic, its so great for us to research things that we are actually interested in! I think that your looks sadly do play a large part in what you get in society and that the ideals we place on ourselves and each other are generally unrealistic and stereotypical. We often forget that the celebs in your photos had a whole team to help them look like that and after all that was done the images were touched up. I found this link which agrees with your initial points about attractive people getting better jobs etc. It also has some computer generated faces of what we percieve as attractive and unattractive.

Look forward to reading more
Beck =)