Monday, September 24, 2007

the human face - beauty 1\6

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Michelle said...

Hi Beck, I viewed all 6 clips of the 'human face', I really enjoyed watching them. What an interesting individual Steve the Plastic Surgeon is, I like the way he set out to explore the perception of 'Beauty' defined initially as 'Ethereal oneness with the Universe'. He challenged this perception and throughout this process developed the facial template which has helped many people to transform their faces from accidents they were involved in. Another interesting point was with the ranking of faces from attractive to less attractive Steve indicated this was (culturally consistent in terms of ranking) which was interesting and suggested beauty was not culturally specific. The part about make up was also interesting to me, I remember when I was young I watched or read information about applying make up and remember they said to wear make up as if you weren't wearing it. I liked that concept and set out to achieve just that. About 5 years ago I went out on the town with friends and one of my friends did my make up for a change and I did look quite different, that night I was asked out by so many guys it wasn't funny and I put it down to the make up. Another time, I remember when I met my partner it was in the evening at a function, so when I met up with him the next time I wore no make up to see if he liked me for me or the make up, I remember him saying 'you look as fresh as a daisy' he couldn't tell that I wasn't wearing make up so I thought that was great. Its funny but that meant alot to me. Thanks for sharing these clips.