Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Concept Map

I thought I had better post a proper concept map- about all of the ideas behind attitude formation and attitude change. so here it is....
Once again click on it and it will appear in a new window much larger.

Let me knowif there is anything else I should be including. xx


James Neill said...

Hi Beck,

This works! Well done. Easy to read. I like the extra detail, but perhaps some of text can be summarised?

Are you also going to provide the extra detail for all nodes?

The overall structure looks good; good to see the individual is included. I wonder whether cog. dissonance, group norms, culture, etc. also belong somewhere? (I'm not sure).

Michelle said...

Hi Beck
Thank you for your comments on my blog regarding attitude change. I agree with you re; the change in direction. I'm so immersed in the information that I'm trying to pull the reins in so I can submit the essay lol. I agree with James re: his last comments on your concept map. You've done a great job with it. Well done. Cheers Michelle xx