Friday, August 17, 2007

My Blog--- Some ideas

Ok, after a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing i think I may have come up with my idea for my essay/blog.

I will look at question 2- What factors determine the success of attitude change programs? Describe theoretical bases and research evidence about key elements underlying attitude change programs. Include examples from a current or recent social change program-

I will mainly discuss the various social change, attitude change and persuasion techniques highlighted in the textbook and from other academic sources; which will include:
Theories and Models including
* Cognitive Dissonance
* Elaboration Likelihood Model
* The Communication-Persuasion Paradigm

Techniques including
* legitimisation of paltry favours
* disrupt then re frame
* Repetition with variation
* Fear Appeals
* Cinematography/music

I will evidence each technique (hopefully) with some social psych research/journal articles that give insight into why/why they are not successful techniques.

I will use two examples throughout the blog to evidence and clarify the techniques and strategies used. One is a television/radio/poster campaign called "Children see children do" (see below blog for tv ad). The other is "Every Child is important" a government funded campaign to stop child abuse; which used campaign launches, booklets, websites, government publicity and radio/television ads.

I wanted to use two campaigns that were similar in content and subject areas, yet wanted two completely different approaches to child safety/parenting/child abuse, from different agencies and sources.....

Any thoughts/ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! xxxxx

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