Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't let ice destroy you

An example of the new Drug Campaign. This ad is more authoritative, using a 'credible source', and a more central route to persuasion. It also uses pretty confrunting 'scare' tactics.


James Neill said...

Wow - that is pretty hard-hitting. Thanks for this. And you've concisely analysed its methods. Although there is information-based persuasion this seems as you indicate to rely more heavily on perceived source credibility and fear-based persuasion. This is clearly a rich, relevant, current, etc. topic and you're turning up some excellent contemporary examples (I've haven't yet watched some of your earlier examples). You are probably already planning to embed or link to these examples in your essay, but please make sure you do! You will have a dynamic essay, with such examples and analysis, and are really utilising some of the amazing potential of a blogging medium.

I am curious whether there are other ads which are less emotive and more info-based - and also whether you've turned up any research on the effectiveness of fear-based attitude change programs. Just a thought for you.

James Neill said...

One other thought - it occurred to me how strange it is that we are watching these hard-hitting drug prevention ads, only to see the next ad on tv making legal drugs like alcohol look cool.

This vodka ad may have been rejected, but....see what you think:

James Neill said...
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James Neill said...

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Mrs. Freud said...

Thanks for posting this Ad Beck, im fascinated by Australia's drug culture especially in young people. If anyone is interested, a fantastic book is 'a million little pieces' by James Frey which is an autobiography of an ice addict and his journey through rehab, and another one i just finished is an autobiography called 'a piece of cake' by cupcake brown. I think many of the anti drug ad campaigns havent been effective in terms of attitude change, especially for smoking and drinking. I hope this ad will be a good preventative for trying ice though- it shows some pretty scary scenes outcomes of using it!

Rebekah said...

In response to James comment-
I am actually finding it difficult to find current Australian attitude change campaigns that are not predominantly emotion based.

All of the alcohol, drink driving, speeding, child abuse, smoking, drug, obesity etc campaigns that I have researched have a very emotive base.

This ice ad, however still predominantly emotive, I believe still incorperates a central route to persuasion- a reason based, factual informative argument--- interspursed with emotive images and themes.

In reference to fear based campaigns- yes, I have actually done some lengthy research on this- and have found many interesting information- which I am hoping on incorperating into my blog.

Thanks again for the comment.