Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Drug Campaign- Released 16th August 2007

After doing fair bit of research, looking for journals and evaluations- I am finding a great deal on drugs and attitude change.

If anyone has a spare minute to watch this commercial or you may have already seen it; it is very powerful... here is the URL:

The entire campaign launched by the Australian government is proving to be very comprehensive- with booklets for teenagers with very 'modern' graphics and urban design. It details the consequences of all drugs, socially, physically and neurologically.

There are also information booklets for parents detailing 'how to talk to your kids about drugs' which apparantley will be coming to every household in Australia. This appears to be a MASSIVE campaign by the Australian government.

I know my ideas are rapidly changing..... but I am considering a juxtaposition between this campaign and the children see children do campaign-
They have some definite similarities
* Looking at social problems (drugs/abuse) from a childs perspective
* Addressing both children and parents
* Placing an emphasis on effective parenting!

Yet, the two campaigns use different attitude change ideas, sources, persuasive techniques etc...

I am unsure how I might structure my blog.... perhaps detailing one campaign and the techniques it uses--- then the other campaign and its techniques for attitude change- and then finally evaluate the effectiveness of both- comparing and contrasting the techniques and differences.

I will also try to incorperate some research to evidence all of the techniques I will highlight.

If anyone has any input--- please dont hesitate to pop something down..... Im only 2nd year so I could do with some help. :)


Karen Cirovski said...

Hi Beck,

I think your approach to the blog is a good way to go but you may find that you'll run out of room. I'm doing attitude change as it relates to childhood obesity and what I have found to be the most difficult is to distil the main theories/persuasion techniques and then to provide evidence against each of these - all in 1000-1500 words! Instead I did a more 'broad-brush' approach outlining the models/theories that best relate to my topic with a couple of studies providing the evidence base and then did an evaluation of the techniques used for a related campaign. It was impossible to provide evidence against each of the theories/techniques because there is not enough room! Anyway, good luck with it all. I'm looking forward to seeing the next version of your blog - it's a very interesting topic.

Karen C.

Rebekah said...

Hi Karen-
I agree with your comment- Finding enough space will be difficult- I do believe that we are lucky in that we can include appendices.
I am going to go with a
specific approach to the factors and techniques that influence attitude change.

And hopefully will have a little room at the end to compare and contrast the two different campaigns- and why I believe they are successful.

It will be an interesting experience packing in so much information into 1500 words...

we will see how we go.