Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self Assessment


* I have attempted to incorporate a breadth and depth of theories and models.

* I have analysed theories and models and included many of the models in the appendix. I have also formulated my own ‘Integrational Model’.

* I have included many theories and models of ‘attractiveness’ including Proximity theory, mere exposure effect, attitude similarity effect, matching hypothesis, reciprocity theory, reinforcement affect model, social exchange theory, and averageness theory.


* I have attempted to incorporate a breadth and depth of research studies.

* I have integrated theory and research- detailing information about theories and evidencing them with appropriate research and references.

* I have an extensive reference list of 26 main references- evidencing a multitude of research reports and academic journals

* I researched the topic extensively- this can be seen with my clear evolution of thinking, extensive reference list and concept map A- showing a great understanding of the entire field of attractiveness.

Written Expression

* It is my belief that my blog has fluently expressed and analysed the ‘Attractiveness’ question.

* I believe that I have answered the question. Providing information on why some people are considered attractive and factual analysis of theories, models, and research studies.

* I have attempted to publish a smooth, easy to follow blog. I have an abstract, introduction which clearly highlights the direction of my blog, and headings throughout the blog. I have also given a definitive conclusion to my blog.

* Readability Analysis- I Received a Gunning Fog Index of: 17.21 I Received a Flesch Reading Ease of: 17.51

I understand that this is not as ‘desirable’ as hoped- yet I believe that my writing is academic yet simple and comprehensible. I have also formatted my blog to be highly readable.

Other Markers of Readability-
* I have included a meaningful, descriptive essay title
* I have included an abstract
* I have included subheadings
* I have included many figures to give a greater breadth of knowledge to my blog.
* I have included images and multimedia
* I have included appendices.
* Use of Examples- I have used copious amounts of examples- I have used pictures of well known celebrities that typify aspects of my blog. I have used models and diagrams to evidence and example many of the theories and research findings.
* I have included many Appendices to further explain, clarify or illustrate my findings.
* APA style- I have conformed to the APA standards throughout my blog- In text citations and referencing have been strictly adhered to.

Online Engagement

* It is my belief that I have had a high online engagement for blog 2.

* I chose my topic very early in the term, showing enthusiasm and preparedness.
* I have published many blogs throughout the term.
* I Have sought and gathered meaningful comments throughout the term. I have commented on the following peoples blogs:
-Beck’s Blog
-Bec’s Blog
-Bethany’s Blog
-Emma’s Blog
-Emily’s Blog
-Erin’s Blog
-Graham’s Blog
-Josie’s Blog
-Kim’s Blog
-Luke’s Blog
-Mike’s Blog
-Mrs Freud’s Blog

* In turn, I have received over 36 comments on my blog from other students and James. Which has assisted in the depth of my knowledge

* I have meaningfully replied to several of my comments- clarifying points, discussing ideas and assisting other students with blogging issues.

* I have published 16 bloggings- each time I have posted my essay have evolved and grown in depth and breadth. I have written meaningful insights, academic findings and published a draft introduction to get feedback on the progress and direction of my blog.

* I have read and noted many of my comments- and adapted my blog accordingly.

* I have certainly made effective use of multimedia- images, embedded video- I have posted a series of attractiveness videos, have posted the dove evolution of beauty campaign and have provided many photo’s to evidence the research that I have detailed.

* I Have received 3 * (Stars) on my blog which highlights that my blog has been active, regular and that I have had a clear evolution of thinking in weeks 8-15.

* I believe my online engagement to be extremely high. I have made MANY comments, suggested academic journals to other students, collaborated with students who are doing similar questions. I have made MANY blog postings and have effectively utilised the entire blog format- using video, pictures, polls etc.

I believe that I deserve at least a distinction + for my online engagement. I have been very active, enthusiastic and open throughout the semester.

Overall I believe that I have produced a meaningful, insightful and deep blog. I have detailed and discussed many theories, models and research studies. I have done a great deal of research on the topic and consider myself to be very knowledgeable on the entire ‘attractiveness’ topic. I am disappointed that I could not have written 3000 words, because I found so much valuable research and theory to include.

I have written a clear, concise, readable blog and have engaged, evolved and been enriched throughout the term. I believe that I deserve to do well, as I have put an enormous amount of effort into my blog.

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