Saturday, October 27, 2007

Appendix H: Facial Averageness

Why are some people considered attractive?

People with average, typical faces are considered as highly attractive.
Many experiments have shown that composite faces are considered more attractive than real faces because they are average.
Consider the below example:

The images on the left are the Winner and Runner up of Miss Germany- The Right side is a composite of the top 10 place getters in Miss Germany 2005.

The Composite was considered to be significantly more attractive than any of the actual contestants. Because of her average, plain and typical features.

Facial averageness is influenced by biological, cognitive and learning factors.

Again, a composite of the Miss Universe 2005 contestants proved to be more attractive than the actual winner- survey's report.


Langlois, J.H., & Roggman, L.A. (1990). Attractive faces are only average. Psychological Science, 1, 115-121.

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